Thursday, April 24, 2008

Global Warnings

ImageThe 11th Hour (Warner Home Video)
Leonardo DiCaprio produced and narrates this call to action. After we see and hear global-warming experts telling us we’re doomed, that the planet isn’t salvageable, that “the 11th hour” has passed, the final segment does an abrupt about-face to tell us that we can do something --that, indeed, things are being done--and it’s not too late. Perhaps in-your-face yelling will get everyone’s attention and the solutions will be listened to, but I wonder how many will be turned off by the downbeat hammering of the first hour.
EXTRAS: Additional 90 minutes of interviews and featurettes.

ImageA Global Warning? (History Channel)

Less polemical than The 11th Hour, this film far more soberly recounts the cycles that the earth has gone through over eons of warming and cooling before making the case that our current situation is a crisis caused by humans. This History Channel special won’t win any Oscars a la An Inconvenient Truth, but it’s just at effective at relying the necessary information.
Deleted and extended scenes.

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