Thursday, April 24, 2008

PTA Meeting

ImageThere Will Be Blood (Paramount)
Daniel Day-Lewis won an Academy Award for his scenery-chewing portrayal of a successful oilman who’s less good as father to a boy he raises after the real dad was killed in an accident. The peerless British actor astonishingly develops his character right before our eyes, but the relentlessness of his technique can be tiresome. (You want to yell at him, "Relax!") Still, this is Paul Thomas Anderson’s most interesting film by far, with Robert Elswit’s stunning, Oscar-winning cinematography transforming Anderson’s often-cliched compositions into sheerly beautiful imagery. The main drawback is Jonny Greenwood’s score, which steals shamelessly from composers like Penderecki and Bartok--he apparently has been listening to the music from The Shining.
Behind-the-scenes featurettes; vintage government newsreel.

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