Thursday, April 24, 2008

Re-evaluating Munchausen

ImageThe Adventures of Baron Munchausen--20th Anniversary Edition (Sony)

Terry Gilliam’s notorious flop went way over budget and barely made a dime at the box office in 1989, but time has been kind to this extravagant fantasy starring John Neville as the Baron and featuring cameos by Robin Williams, Eric Idle, Uma Thurman and a nine-year-old Sarah Polley. The movie’s whimsical flights are at times strained, but Gilliam has an incredible eye for detail: you can see exactly where the money went. His Munchausen is of a colorful piece with the other indelible, intensely personal fantasies he made in the '80s, Time Bandits and Brazil.

EXTRAS: Gilliam and co-writer Charles McKeown commentary; retrospective documentary with interviews.

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