Monday, January 12, 2009

Cautionary Tales

The End of America (Indiepix)
ImageNaomi Wolf’s written warning about the Bush administration’s abuses of power, The End of America, has become an equally urgent film scarcely less needed now that we have a new president, a necessary corrective to the thought that this new beginning will wipe the slate clean. Made up mainly of author Wolf’s speaking engagements and interviews with concerned patriots, The End of America lists the ten ways in which the U.S. has nudged closer to a totalitarian state, thanks to the almost surreptitious erasing of the civil liberties that mark us as a democracy. The specters of Hitler and the Nazis are an obvious but pointed metaphor, and there’s nothing in Wolf’s entirely rational, patriotic rant that’s become dated as of January 20. The many extras on this two-disc release include additional interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of Wolf.
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