Friday, September 25, 2009

Beyond the Zone

With One Step Beyond: The Complete First Season (CBS), creator Merwin Gerard got the jump on The Twilight Zone by premiering in January 1959, nine months before Rod Serling’s classic anthology series. These half-hour episodes, directed by their host John Newland, were based on what were called real-life paranormal occurrences rather than the imaginative fiction of The Twilight Zone. Even so, there are effective shows here, like a man arriving on a Mediterranean island for the first time but where everyone knows him, or the honeymoon of a couple on the Titanic after the wife has a premonition that her husband will drown. One Step Beyond’s “hook” is enough for even the lamest of its episodes to give viewers a creepy chill down their spines—including its melodramatic pilot, “The Bride Possessed,” which is shown in an extended version as one of a few brief extras.

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