Friday, October 30, 2009

Pierrot le fou (Criterion Blu-Ray)

Pierrot le fou (Criterion) - Jean-Luc Godard, cinema’s reigning enfant terrible, was in the middle of making an astonishing dozen features in four years in 1965 when he made this anarchic road movie starring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Anna Karina as a bourgeois husband and his babysitter who flee their stifling Parisian existence for more existential pleasures, which of course culminate in death. For all its platitudinous sermonizing--the usual punning Godard titles are present alongside literary excerpts and Renoir paintings--Pierrot le Fou is frolicsome fun, with bizarre song interludes and dialogues, and the lush, sensual color photography of Raoul Coutard, whose extraordinary widescreen compositions are rendered brilliantly on Blu-ray. The copious extra features are highlighted by archival interviews with the director and his two stars.

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