Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Five Discs Live

Genesis: The Movie Box 1981-2007 (Rhino)
The fifth and final indispensible Genesis boxed set—following three sets covering the band’s studio albums and a fourth comprising the live albums—contains DVDs of four concert tours, all featuring Phil Collins as the lead singer: 1981-2, 1983-4, 1986-7 and 1992.and The Mama Tour have never been released on DVD before, while Live at Wembley Stadium and The Way We Walk are re-releases. Although the video quality of the older films is not completely up to snuff, the audio has once again been remixed by Nick Davis into DTS 5.1 sound, which are as revelatory as those done for the other sets. In addition to the four concerts, the fifth disc contains a new edit of the band’s Behind the Music episode, which originally aired on VH-1 in 1999. There are apparently no full concerts of the Peter Gabriel-led band to be released, which is a shame: still, at least until Collins began overdoing the shtick during 86-87’s Invisible Touch tour, Genesis was a formidable live band, and these concert flicks prove that. Bonuses include bonus Three Sides Live audio-only tracks and behind-the-scenes documentaries from The Mama Tour and Wembley.
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