Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stern Comic

Artie Lange, Jack and Coke (Image)
Despite his recent personal problems, New Jersey-born Artie Lange has been one of the most visible comedians of the past decade, thanks to his long stint as sidekick on Howard Stern’s radio show. He’s also a valuable raw stand-up who’s unafraid to tackle even the most dicey material, which he proves as soon as walks onto the stage at the Gotham Comedy Club in Manhattan: he announces that he’s glad Heath Ledger is dead. From there, he riffs on Brokeback Mountain, President Obama, Giants and Jets fans, Lawrence Taylor, and his own overweight, messy self: watching Lange admit to (and joke about) drug and alcohol issues while nursing a glass of water onstage is certainly a sobering sight in light of his recent (apparent) attempted suicide. The rowdy crowd is certainly behind him, and among the many bonus features is one showcasing his rabid fans, and another in which the comic dispatches hecklers in inimitable fashion. There’s also a behind-the-scenes featurette, a rap song by ReSurch, and the opening acts of Pete Dominick and Joe Matarese.
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