Thursday, June 24, 2010

Above the Big Apple


Visions of New York City (Acorn), part of a series of breathtaking travel documentaries, gives viewers a birds-eye view of some of the greatest landmarks in—as Letterman’s announcer Alan Kalter intones every night—“the greatest city in the world.” As cameras mounted on helicopters swoop around Manhattan and show everything from the Statue of Liberty and Battery Park to Central Park and Gracie Mansion, sportswriter Frank Deford narrates in an alternately cringe-inducing and humorous manner. Although the skyscrapers and other tourist sights are present and accounted for, the program really is at its best when it shows the city at night, and the lights give it a truly spectacular glow. In addition to the hour-long original program that was shown on PBS, there’s about 20 minutes of additional footage, some of which repeats what’s already been seen, but all of it is terrifically eye-opening.
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