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Another Side of Sunny

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Sunny Leone Interview

Adult-film stars have crossed over to mainstream Hollywood for decades, from Marilyn Chambers in the ‘70s to Sasha Gray, who was in The Girlfriend Experience in 2009. Now there’s Sunny Leone, the beautiful 29-year-old Canadian star of such porn flicks as The Other Side of Sunny and All Sunny All the Time: her small but pivotal role in the raunchy teen-sex comedy, The Virginity Hit (out January 18 on DVD from Sony), is getting most of the buzz for a mockumentary co-produced by none another than Will Farrell.

Leone recently discussed being in The Virginity Hit, along with her dual career in adult and mainstream movies.

Kevin Filipski: How did you end up in The Virginity Hit?
Sunny Leone: (Co-writer-director) Andrew (Gurland) contacted Vivid Entertainment, and from there we set up an interview over Skype. It wasn’t like a reading or anything, it was for them to get to know me. They asked a bunch of questions, then they sent me a script, and we followed some of it while shooting, then on the fly, they changed some things while on the set—there was a lot of improv involved in my scenes.

KF: How was the atmosphere on the set?
SL: This crew was different from the other mainstream stuff that I’ve done: everybody had a common goal to make a movie they were happy with. Usually, mainstream movie sets are really stuffy, but here it was very loose. Everybody was hanging out, but they had a common goal to make something they were proud of. They kept up a certain level of energy throughout the shoot.

KF: You play “Sunny Leone,” porn star. Did the movie turn out the way you expected?
SL: I was really flattered that, out of all the girls in the industry, they really wanted to pick me! Wow, I thought—this is going to be really easy because I do that (play myself) very well. (laughs) Before I saw the movie, I didn’t know how it was going to end up, especially since I only worked on the set for five days! So, as I watched it, in the first 10 minutes they said my name, and I realized I had a big part in this movie! I was proud and happy to be part of this project, and I’ve made a lot of new friends too.

KF: How is your “crossover” career in mainstream movies going?
SL: I would love to do more mainstream work—it’s something I find amazing and fun to do. I just shot a horror film in the Philippines, and it was fun to be able to just focus on acting. It was a small cast and crew—I have a really strong personality, so everything I’ve learned about making films came into play, and I even found myself jumping into the director’s chair! It’s was so much fun to be part of that project, where I play the clichéd, big-boobed hot girl who gets killed off first. If more mainstream stuff comes my way, I’ll welcome it with open arms.

KF: Do you see yourself continuing to make both adult and mainstream movies?
SL: I don’t really see myself leaving adult films right now. I don’t make many movies, only one or two a year, but my production company releases another two or three movies a month which I’m not in, runs my website and my Video on Demand releases. I also see the whole movie industry changing, where the mainstream industry is now more open to girls who are in adult films. Some girls are good at what they do and can cross over into mainstream movies without acting like the stereotypical porn star, which is great, because we do come from a completely different world!

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